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MartenLab Team

Marten Lab

Research Overview

The broad goal in our laboratory is to better understand, and then beneficially manipulate, microbial expression systems. While we have carried out some projects involving bacteria, our primary focus is on filamentous fungi. We use a sophisticated set of analytical tools to asses fungal morphology and the physical properties of fungal cell walls. As an important tool in our molecular studies, we use a functional-genomic technique called proteomic analysis. This process involves the identification and quantification of individual proteins from various cellular fractions (e.g., cytoplasm, vacuoles, cell wall). These data are used for differential comparison allowing us to make deductions about cellular mechanisms. We are also developing new ways to use proteomic analysis to study cellular signaling pathways (phosphoproteomics). Recently, we have used all of these tools to better understand regulation of fungal cell walls repair. And currently, we are carrying out: (i) fundamental research in systems biology, (ii) applied research in cellular engineering and (iii) transnational research seeking to produce next generation antibiotics.

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Department of Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering
UMBC, Engineering Building Room 314
Baltimore, MD 21250